What we can do for you

Changing customer expectations, innovations in technology and changes in regulation have all contributed to revolutionizing the insurance industry.

Information technology is one of the key pillars that support your company. To ensure you are on top of your industry in the realm of IT, we give IT strategies a core role in our consulting services.

Your corporate strategy is closely interwoven with your company's IT strategy. IT today is no longer pure background processing. A future-oriented IT strategy can send out impulses, which are decisive in shaping the strategy of your whole company. This applies particularly to change and growth areas, and in IT reorganizations that result from mergers.

Comtech Global offers all-inclusive consulting to cover the full range of services from the development of an IT strategy to its implementation. Our motto is not always to believe that what is technically feasible is best, but rather to make allowances for the tension between what is technically possible and what is economically efficient. This produces a long-term framework for action on decisions regarding the development or purchase of hardware or software and also for staffing and organization.

Comtech Global develops company-specific full-spectrum concepts for active claims management from consulting and strategic alignment to IT implementation, with each stage based on proven experience.


  • Re-engineering services moving you onto a modern technology platform, eliminating redundancy and provide a fully web-enabled system
  • Application development
  • Maintenance and support for new and legacy applications
  • Re-engineering and migration
  • E-commerce solutions/Web interfacing existing applications
  • Data Warehousing/Data Mining/Customer Profiling
  • Product Development and Management
  • Implementation and Rollout