Consumer Goods


Retail and Consumer Goods

Powerful retail solutions always have the benefit of increased sales and improved customer satisfaction. Comtech Global's retail solution is built on extensive and integrated platform improve client productivity, growth potential, and consumer experience to give competitive advantage in the global market. Globalization and competition challenge the profitability of the retail industry. Our retail solution powered by retail expertise and sophisticated technology helps improve profitability and outperform competition. Innovation combined with technical expertise will help to transform client business process and performance.

Retail Solutions

  • Supply Chain Management System
  • Enterprise Relationship Management System

Procurement System

  • Planning and Scheduling System
  • Transportation Planning System

Demand Planning System

  • Customer Relationship Management System
  • Sales Force Automation System
  • Inventory Management System

Technology Benefits

  • Technology Solutions consistently offer great retail experiences for customers
  • Advance retail solutions with greater reliability and manageability deliver quality and predictable retail success
  • Proven technical expertise and experience in the retail domain improve customer-retailer relationship
  • Integrated solutions improve productivity and performance, and reduce inventory
  • Comtech Global's solution architecture based on industry standards solves the challenging business issues