Comtech Global, Inc.

At Comtech Global, we handle each project with a combination of business and technical knowledge, energy, team and commitment needed to make a project succeed.

We deliver high quality, cost effective and world-class solutions for startups, non-profits and enterprise organizations. We use cutting edge Open Source frameworks like Cake PHP and Ruby on Rails for building agile, scalable and robust database backed web applications. We are MBE certified and use Six Sigma methodologies in our development process

We have expertise in many sectors including Manufacturing, Technology, Financial, Software, Hardware, Transportation and Federal and State Governments.

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What We Do

Digital Transformation

We help automation tools, and methodologies through our Agile Delivery Centers to drive rapid development of custom applications ...

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Data Analytics

We offer a comprehensive suite of data services designed to enhance interoperability and promote evidence-based decision-making ...

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Cyber Security

We help our customers defend their data, networks, and information systems from cyber threats, as well as ensure compliance with ..

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Cloud Solutions

We provide cloud and infrastructure strategies to optimize application and mission performance, leveraging leading-edge ...

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Staffing Services

Often, the biggest barrier between setting business objectives and achieving them is talent. Finding technically qualified ...

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Does any industry face a more complex audience journey and marketing sales process than B2B technology ?


Changing customer expectations, innovations in technology and changes in regulation have all contributed to ...


In this era of neck-to-neck competition amongst telecom service providers, there is a rising need to have ...


Information technology helps in achieving high accuracy in diagnoses, improving patient care service ...

Financial Services

Next generation information technology solutions alleviate competitive pressures in banking and financial services ...

Consumer Goods

Powerful retail solutions always have the benefit of increased sales and improved customer satisfaction ...

Energy Utilities

Comtech Global understands the challenges that the utilities market faces today. With a heavy emphasis on ...


Manufacturing organizations are faced with intense competition, increased globalization and the complexities ...


Comtech Global has a keen understanding of the information technology challenges that transportation ...

Media and Publishing

Comtech Global's media and publishing practice has grown over the years. Our domain expertise ...

Who we are

Serving our Federal Clients with Distinction

It is our pleasure to have served our country and its various Federal departments and agencies for more than a decade with quality performance, commitment to their missions, and integrity.

Contract Vehicles

The Small Business Administration (SBA) 8(a) ...


As part of our marketing endeavor, Comtech Global, Inc. ...

Capability Statement

Comtech Global, Inc. is a proven technology services ...

Product Sales

This Agreement is a Binding Contract and Applies ...



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