Manufacturing organizations are faced with intense competition, increased globalization and the complexities of balancing global supply/distribution logistics.

Optimizing production capacity

Streamlining the supply chain

Reducing operating costs

Striving for continuous process, quality and product improvements

Reducing time-to-market, cycle time and inventory

Manufacturing organizations turn to trusted partners that can deliver consistently strong IT services, at competitive pricing. Comtech Global, Inc consultants view the manufacturing arm of any organization as a linked chain of procurement, production and sales, not merely as a standalone part of the organization.

Our consultants have extensive manufacturing experience and leverage this expertise and information technology skill-sets to address complex challenges for manufacturing clients. Comtech Global, Inc consultants are accustomed to going the extra mile to make sure that projects are completed on time and on budget.

We believe that empowering manufacturing clients by imparting the knowledge and experience of their varied and deep backgrounds is the most powerful differentiator we can offer.

Over the years, Comtech Global, Inc has built a strong practice of technical and functional talent with deep market knowledge of discrete and process manufacturing. All of our domain specialists have knowledge of industry best practices, and leverage that knowledge on their projects.

Our solutions facilitate information exchange among all levels of management; from the shop floor to the executive level, our team members helps to enable manufacturing organizations in strategic decision-making.

Comtech Global, Inc technology services to the manufacturing industry include:

Enterprise resource planning

Customer Relationship management

Supply chain management

Inventory management

Warehouse management

Distribution chain management

Product lifecycle management

Human resource management

Plant maintenance.